Creator: The video is not named Shit Every Girl in Denver Says

People had a lot to say about Shit Girls in Denver Say, a video created by 25-year-old Erin Streets, a local designer and stylist. And we'll give the last word on the three-minute video to her:

Shitdenvergirlssay says:

To those of you taking this way too seriously, it was meant to be a joke, and yes it is over-generalized, that's why it's funny. All of the "shit people say..." videos are that way ,that's how they are meant to be. If you don't have a sense of humor and if you want to over-analize something of comedy, do it elsewhere. This was not purposed for people with sticks up their asses. If you find this insulting or bothersome, get over it, I'm sure you have worse problems in your life and other things to be negative about. Lastly, the video is not called "shit EVERY GIRL IN DENVER says..." so get over it, if you're honestly letting our video bother you, you're probably one of the people that talks like this. sincerely,the girls who made this videoand p.s.one half of our team was born and raised in Colorado, so this wasn't wrote by people not from here.

Did you miss the video? Watch it here. And see the Westword version of Sh*t People from Denver Say here.

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