Crocs' Big Idea: Upscale Shopping in Downscale Shoes

Crocs' Big Idea: Upscale Shopping in Downscale Shoes

Eat your cyberpumping hearts out, YouTubers. Starting today you can get a peek at the latest bit of inexplicable online cross-marketing from our favorite plastic shoe purveyors. Yes, that's right,, which Crocs is billing as a "unique travel guide" plugging various shops and restaurants in six U.S. cities, is now live!

Well, sort of.

What all this has to do with selling monstrous, crayola-colored boat shoes beats the heck out of me. But if you follow the link, you'll find web videos in which a crack team of Crocs guides take you inside a bunch of — well, boutiques and bars and such in Denver, Aspen, Vail and other places. Larimer Square gets a workout (Cry Baby Ranch, Dog Savvy, Gelazzi — I guess if you're shuffling along in Crocs, you don’t want to walk too far), along with some venerable institutions like The Tattered Cover and Rockmount Ranch Wear.

Presumably the perky guides are Crocs-shod, but the camera's too jumpy to focus on their feet. They ask inane questions (one tough-nosed interrogator asks the manager at the Corks wine store how he manages to lead customers "down the primrose path," like that's a good thing), and the store and restaurant people try to come up with polite answers. It's all non-marking, lightweight, super-casual and a bit silly — kind of like the shoes! — Alan Prendergast

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