Crocs debuts a contest and a new line of slightly less hideous foam shoes

For all you ladies out there who have been eagerly awaiting a time when wearing resin-composite shower-shoes in public would not require you to look like a club-footed asshole, then your ship may have just sort of rolled in, at least as far as the club-footedness is concerned. "Just in time for spring," everyone's favorite Colorado-based maker of goofy-ass clown-clogs announces, the shoemaker gave its products a "makeover with vibrant colors and sassy patterns." And just in case just a new pair of Crocs isn't enough sassy for you, the launch of the new line ties into a contest where the shoe company will give you, too, a makeover, head to neon toe.

To get in on the contest -- which, just a quick disclaimer: It does involve Crocs -- go to the contest page and enter with a photo and a 200-word essay on why you deserve to win. If you actually do like Crocs, it's pretty worth it, because the company is randomly giving away three pairs of free shoes per day just for entering -- it's open to enter until April 15. Then, May 4, they'll give away a flip video camera (for some reason), nine pairs of Crocs and a $100 Visa gift card to the ten finalists they choose, and one lucky woman will win a trip to the Big Apple to go on a $7,000 shopping spree. Well played, Crocs.

As far as the shoes go, they're pretty good-looking, relative to other forms of Crocs, anyway. When all you have to beat is bulbous plastic clogs with holes in them, it's not exactly the world's biggest upset, of course, but there are at least three pairs of shoes in that lineup that would probably not bring shame upon your family. We're actually kind of fond of the Adrina Flat.

Sadly, there is as yet no line of Crocs for gentlemen that will not alert the world that you have just abandoned your last shred of dignity.

Update: We've just received word that there are, in fact, men's style's of Crocs that are not totally depressing. Crocs PR rep Noelle Robillard alerts us that the shoe company is now marketing lace-up and slip-on styles in a variety of colors. Gravy-stained warm-up pants are not included.

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