Crocs Fills the Bill

Last week, Crocs announced that it was eliminating 27 jobs, or 4 percent of its Boulder area work force, as part of a company restructuring in the wake of disappointing sales.

Since the company could use some good news, here's a Crocs fan's response to the piece Alan Prendergast wrote about the biggest invention to ever come out of Niwot.

Recently, I performed a Google search for 'Crocsbutter' and came upon your aforementioned article. Being a self-proclaimed 'lover of cynical humorous writings', I must tell you that I giggled myself silly while reading your 'essay' on humiliation in the world of shoes. I cannot wait to share this article with my husband, as just yesterday I purchased the very first pair of Crocs for his fat feet. Since he hunts and considers himself a 'manly-man', I bought the Camo version to at least give him ammo for the jeers he'll receive from male friends who'll think he's now a sissy for trading in his ten-pound 'mountain climbers' (that take fifteen minutes to lace up before you can even actually consider walking around in them) for some ultra-soft piece of rubber.

I've been wearing Crocs for a couple of years now, and can't find myself being comfortable in much of anything else regardless of how they look - including that bright (Broncos...Boise State) orange initial pair I bought. I've tried to talk my husband into trying them, too...and now I've finally won because of the camo pattern.

I know we'll both be fine. Why? He has a pair of Birkenstocks shoved way back into the darkness of his closet. He just won't admit it.

Anyhow, thanks again. Your style is just super. Oh. And so are your writings. *grin* (Still wearing Crocs?)

Uh, no.

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