Cultural Pioneers

WED, 10/22

Galen and Barbara Rowell perished on August 12, 2002, when their small plane crashed outside of Bishop, California, but their efforts on behalf of Tibet continue. Galen Rowell, considered one of the world's foremost adventure photographers, had recently returned from a remote area of Tibet. His pictures from that trip, which show the birthing grounds of an endangered antelope, were published this past April in National Geographic magazine.

"He said it was one of the most fulfilling expeditions he had ever done," says Jimmy Chin, a climber who was also on that trek, which included the first ascent of a 21,000-foot peak. As a result of the journey, he explains, conservationists were able to push for expanding the boundaries of the antelope's preserve.

Both Barbara and Galen Rowell supported the International Campaign for Tibet, a humanitarian group. And at 7:30 tonight, that organization will return the favor by sponsoring Tibetan Journey: A Tribute to Galen & Barbara Rowell, in the Glenn Miller Ballroom, Euclid Avenue and Broadway on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder. Chin and others will be on hand to narrate a slide show featuring Rowell's images and philosophy. Tickets, $25, benefit the Rowell Fund for Tibet, which awards grants for creative undertakings by Tibetans. For more information, log on to -- Ernie Tucker

Wild Things focuses on the Arsenal Refuge
SAT, 10/18

Today's Wild Things 2003 at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is a celebration of furry and feathered friends. "It's a great time of year here," says park ranger Sherry James. "We should see lots of wildlife out and about: deer, bald eagles, coyotes, ducks."

Wild Things, held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., offers visitors the chance to take hayrides and trolley tours, explore hands-on activity booths and have pictures taken with Rocky Mountain Arsenal mascot Honker the Blue Goose.

The entire gala is free, although advance registration is required for hayrides and wildlife tours. Call 303-289-0930 for more information. Event parking is at 72nd Avenue and Quebec Street in Commerce City. -- Julie Dunn

Avs a Good Time
TUES, 10/21

While there may be glimmers of hope in other sports arenas, there's positive giddiness in Avs-ville. After the team won its ninth consecutive division title last year, pre-season hype had the National Hockey League running out of goalies willing to face the fearsome Colorado Avalanche attack. Now that the regular season's begun, it's time for a reality check. So don't be surprised if the city grinds to a halt for tonight's 7 p.m. puck drop at the Pepsi Center.

Lucky fans who find themselves clutching tickets ($24 to $224) are already ruddy-faced in anticipation of booing the Boston Bruins in person. The rest of us will have to join the frenzy watching the game on TV -- at home or at a sports bar -- or listening to The Fan (KKFN-AM/950).

And if all goes according to plan, our October optimism will turn to ecstasy next spring with the return of Lord Stanley's cherished cup. So do your duty: Grab a few frosty mugs and an Avs jersey, and get ready to make some noise. The boys of winter are really back. -- Ernie Tucker

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