Curls Night Out

Curls Night Out

I have struggled with how to cut and style my curly, fine hair my entire life. One stylist would tell me that a scrunching spray is the only way to go, but then the next would insist that I use a mousse or gel. I've tried every product out there for defrizzing, controlling and defining curly hair, but most of them did little to help and sit, half-used, on my bathroom shelves.

Just when I thought I would live a life resigned to ponytails and straightening my locks, I found out about Shapes Salon, at 2525 15th Street, where the stylists specialize in the Deva cutting and styling system. The fact that they call it a "system" had me worried, because I didn't want to have to shell out for a bunch of new products, but really the experience was less about the products and more about relearning how to handle curly hair. And boy, did I have a lot to learn.

Not only was I using the wrong shampoo (one without harmful silicones and sodium laurel sulphates is a must to avoid drying out hair), but I didn't even know how to dry my hair properly (they recommend a T-shirt or a pillow case to cut down on the frizz factor that most towels will impart). Best of all, I finally got a dry cut for my curls, which is important since curly hair tends to curl tighter over the ears and all those wet cuts I had been getting wound up too short over my ears -- which led to that never-quite-right shape I had resigned myself to.

Now, I'm not yet an expert with this new way of treating my curls, but truly, my eyes have been opened. If you, too, have struggled with your curls, you might look into Lorraine Massey's book Curly Girl: More Than Just Hair and DevaConcepts, the company that she co-founded. For more information on Shapes Salon, click here. -- Aubrey Shoe

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