Daily Calendar: Dream a little dream with author Micah Toub

Denver-raised Journalist Micah Toub had a childhood like no one else's: While other kids' parents were content asking how their school day went, Toub's parents, both Jungian therapists, were perhaps looking for something deeper in their son's day-to-day existence. He apparently turned out all right, though, since he's willing to spill all, with a good helping of love, in his new memoir,

Growing Up Jung: Coming of Age as the Son of Two Shrinks

. With insights few others could bring to the table, Toub openly discusses his personal experience, as well as Jungian psychology in general, in well-researched, clearly written form. He'll be in town tonight to discuss and sign the book at 7:30 p.m. at the

Tattered Cover Book Store

, 2526 E. Colfax Avenue; call 303-322-7727.

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