DAM's Lindsey Housel leads "Rebel" discussion at CreativeMornings tomorrow

"I kind of think of myself as maybe an in-activist -- I'm not a rebel. I don't create art," explains Lindsey Housel, guest speaker at "Rebel," the February edition of CreativeMornings, a lecture and discussion program that has been described as "TED for design wonks." Taking place in more than thirty cities around the globe, the satellite series aims to use the informal environment of a breakfast meet-up as a way to dive into broad themes like childhood, food, space and the future. This month's Denver edition goes down at 8:30 a.m. this Friday, February 7 in the Sharp Auditorium of the DAM's Hamilton building.

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A look at last month's discussion with community organizer Megan Throckmorton.

Organizer RJ Owen brought CreativeMornings to the Denver area in November of last year. "I found out about CreativeMornings at South By Southwest last year -- I heard a talk with Tina Roth Eisenberg, who started it," says Owen. "I thought, man, that event sounds perfect for Denver. We didn't have a chapter, so I got a team together and we applied -- there are seven of us that plan the events, line up and coordinate speakers, find a venue and coordinate sponsorships."

All monthly CreativeMornings events around the globe center on the same theme. The Denver version has featured chef Ian Kleinman showing off his molecular gastronomy, Patrick Mangold discussing the importance of creating, and Megan Throckmorton talking about creativity in childhood. Now Housel -- the Denver Art Museum's manager of digital initiatives -- will take on the topic of rebellion for the next installment of the breakfast meet-up, sharing her experiences and thoughts as a professional in the art world who works to connect the public with art in unexpected ways.

"There is a lot to share about the qualities of creativity and the qualities of rebellion in a sort of serious sense," says Housel. "Rebellion isn't just about saying, 'Fuck you,' it is about things that are really hard to understand in our world. Rebellions are really bloody and messy and unpleasant. There's a lot of weight to that idea, as to when we think about creativity, there is this lightness about it. When you put the two together, a lot of big things come about."

Owen says speakers like Housel are brought in through a vetting process, but the CreativeMornings team is always open to suggestions and pitches from people interested in participating. "We want to make sure all of the speakers have been vetted to a certain extent, but we love suggestions and hearing from the community," says Owen. "Most of our first six months were people from our existing network, and we're still kind of in that period because our chapter just got started."

"Rebel" runs from 8:30 to 10 a.m. February 7 in the Sharp Auditorium of the DAM's Hamilton building. The event is free and coffee and snacks will be provided, but advanced registration is required. For more information or to reserve a spot, visit the Denver CreativeMornings chapter's website.

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