Dancer Tara Rynders needs your help taking her You & Me interactive project to Europe

Inviting the audience to work with musicians, dancers and performance artists in intimate, one-on-one shows, Tara Rynders, creator of You & Me, has seen great success across Colorado since she started her site-specific interactive perforcmances in 2011. The dancer has also taken her show on the road with events in California, Montana, Massachusetts and Nevada, and now Rynders has set her sights on Europe, where she wants to create a whole new series.

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With the help of a new Kickstarter campaign, Rynders hopes to head to Europe in the fall, connecting with new artists and audiences in Iceland, Finland, Austria, Germany and Ireland.

Because each You & Me performance is exclusive to its location, Rynders and her crew of four American artists have big plans for the tour.

"We are all meeting in Iceland and will work with five to ten local artists there to create You & Me on a farm in the countryside, as well as in a home in Reykjavik," says Rynders of the first international performance. "From there, we will travel to Finland where we'll meet with two more artists -- Mirva Makinen, a dancer, and Kaisa Kuokka, an artist -- working with them and five other Finnish-based artists to create You & Me in this location." Similar plans are in the works for the other countries on the tour.

As with the American versions, the European You & Me will connect with a limited audience, chosen ahead of each performance. These shows -- created with each individual community in mind -- will bring guests into a pre-created installation or stage, utilizing the specific city and its landscape for the interactive events.

With a little over a week to go, the You & Me Kickstarter has raised more than $6,000 of its $10,000 goal. All funds raised will go to travel, food, lodging and artist fees involved with the eight-week tour. To learn more about the tour or contribute to the campaign directly, visit the You & Me Kickstarter page.

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