Darker and Deeper

To call local photographer DD Creech a narcissistic, maladjusted misanthrope would be like calling Denver weather fickle: an incredible understatement. To wit: He once stalked a squirrel stealing veggies from his garden, shot it in the head and shaved it. Then he used a surgical scalpel to carve the number 23 in the squirrel’s body, let it “ripen” for a couple days and photographed it with a huge black fly in the wound.

“Instead of presenting my art, I’d rather inflict it,” Creech says, adding that he’s completely comfortable with it. “Taking familiar things out of context or isolating parts of a whole so that they're almost, but not quite recognizable, disorients people, and reactions to that are sometimes adverse. Good.”

Get a feel for just how twisted DD Creech -- or his photography – is, at Darker Deeper Subjects, which opens at 7 p.m. and runs for just one night at Color & Light Gallery, 1422 East 22nd Avenue; admission is free. Creech’s work will be accompanied by that of illustrator Robert Elrod, painter Ryan Napier and photographer Kate Pardun. Gallery owner Terri Clauss explains that the disturbing show will only be up for one night because Color and Light typically displays “folk art” and “a lot of bright colors.” Get more information at www.color-n-light.com or by calling 303-861-4777.
Fri., May 8, 7 p.m., 2009

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Drew Bixby