Debate points: The Pride gets a free discussion panel tonight

Solve one set of problems, get another. That's the central theme of Alexi Kaye Campbell's The Pride, now playing at the Paragon Theatre, which takes a look at the relationships of three characters transposed onto different eras: In 1958, Oliver, Philip and Sylvia struggle as the two men, one closeted and one not, come to terms with their homosexuality in a repressed area; in 2008, the same three characters grapple with the frivolity and transience that a culture of openness affords. In the former, struggle gives rise to hope; in the latter, ease gives rise to pessimism. It's an interesting play that makes some interesting points (as New York Times reviewer Ben Brantley noted in his review of the play, the characters "Often seem like illustrations of debate points -- human evidence, as opposed to human beings"), and if it sometimes lacks emotional heft in favor of making those points, then what better way to absorb it than to discuss them?

And tonight's discussion panel on the play brings some qualified debaters to the table, including Taylor Gonda, director of Paragon's Pride production; Bud Coleman, a professor in the University of Colorado Denver's theater department; John Moore, theater critic for the Denver Post; Jim Hunt, a Denver actor; and Jarrad Holbrook, an actor in Pride. The discussion gets underway at 6:30 p.m. this evening at Kim Robards Dance on South Santa Fe Drive (where the play's run is taking place), and is free to attend.

Paragon's production of The Pride runs through June 4, and tickets run $17-21. For more information, call 303-300-2210.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.