Dedicate Brand Colorado flag trucker hats: Gear you want but don't need

I know trucker hats don't fall in the category of hardcore gear, but I'm on something of a Colorado-flag kick after learning about designer Andrew Carlisle Johnson a couple of weeks back while covering Free Time Goods' crocheted headwear. This time it's Colorado-flag trucker hats by Dedicate Brand, based in Eagle as well as California and Wyoming, depending on the season.

Seizing on the notion that the Colorado flag (and many others) are part of the public domain, Dedicate produces a line of hats emblazoned with the flags of states from Alaska to Vermont. And by now the trucker hat has graduated from ironic hipster fashion  statement to what it really is: a functional sun-blocker that breathes better than full-fabric caps.

Plus, these Colorado flag hats are cooler than the other 36 ballcaps (yeah, I just counted) in my collection.

Dedicate sent over a sample box to check out and I have to say the Rasta-meets-Rockies Jahlorado (pictured above) might supplant the "Colorful Colorado" hat I've been using to hide my sporadically scrubbed and shaven scalp for the last couple of months. With a cotton or acrylic front panel and fitted, curved- and flat-brim, and traditional styles, Dedicate also makes hat that sport the flags of California, Montana, New Mexico, as well as others sporting the signs of assorted western highways.

Dedicate's Colorado flag hats run $22 to $30. Made by Dedicate Brand, Eagle/California/Wyoming,

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Eric Peterson