Denver Bike Sharing is open again: We take a B-Cycle for a test ride (video)

Denver B-Cycle opened yesterday for its second season. This year, the bike sharing program has made some significant improvements, most notably to the kiosk technology. Full-color screens and on-board computers (last year everything was done over a network) will make things faster and more intuitive. Yesterday, we took a pair of b-cycles for a test ride and made a crappy video of the experience.

We are bike owners, personally, so we'd never actually had a chance to ride the B-Cycles before. They're ridiculously heavy, but also surprisingly comfortable. Obviously, the bikes are currently all shiny and in excellent repair -- we can't speak to how often they are coddled mid-season.

The program is definitely designed for you to buy a yearlong membership (currently, they're on sale for $49), after which you can check out bikes for free for the first 30 minutes, $1 for the half hour thereafter, and $4 for every half hour after that. Additional pricing schemes and the like are available on the B-Cycle web site. Now, enjoy watching us make idiots of ourselves.

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