Denver Bronco Lance Ball loves the children

Denver Broncos Running Back Lance Ball held court (field?) at St. Elizabeth's School yesterday for a charity event that happened to coincide with Teacher's Appreciation Day. The children slithered all over him in that adorable, no-boundary-having way that kids do, and he absolutely loved it.

St. Elizabeth's is a private school for kindergarten through fourth grade that accepts students on a sliding scale tuition basis adhering to its mission of diversity and community inclusiveness. They also, apparently, do cool things like having pro football players come hang out with the kids.

Children are adorable -- and sticky -- but Lance looked super comfortable hanging with the little monsters for a better part of three hours. Because of the lock-out, he wasn't able to wear his Broncos jersey (booooo!), but either way, the children enjoyed him.

They asked all sorts of obnoxious questions ("do you eat a lot of protein?") -- some of the boys forgot this was an open session and got a bit too personal ("do you wear a cup?"), making teacher Rachel Levine cringe and the girls blush. Lance, though was cool as a cucumber.

He dragged them around the playground, played basketball, signed autographs, picked them all up individually -- football players are much bigger than elementary school kids -- and was everyone's favorite uncle for the afternoon.

As they filed back into the school, they waved good-bye in wonder and cutely whispered about how nice "Mr. Lance" was. Ms. Levine says the excitement will hold them over until school is out in June. Ball says the pleasure was all his.

"I don't have children, but I'm an uncle. I like hanging out with them cause it's simple, really. They're cute and just want to play, so it's nice to be able to do something good with my time, since we're on lock-out."

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