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Denver Cartoonist Spills Colfax Avenue's Secrets in 30 Miles of Crazy!

Karl Christian Krumpholz is a historian of the most seamy, lurid thoroughfare in Denver: Colfax Avenue. His medium is his webcomic, 30 Miles of Crazy! where he trawls the street for stories of drunkenness, depravity, and insanity. Now he's rolled the archives of the comic into one handy paperback: the 30 Miles of Crazy! Collection: True-ish Tales of Derelicts, Bars, & Denizens of Other Low Places.

The release of the book will be celebrated with a release party at Mutiny Information Cafe on September 20 at 6 p.m., where fellow cartoonists and authors will read his stories and share their love of "The Longest, Wickedest Street in America."

We tracked Krumpholz down at one of his favorite watering holes, Tooey's Off Colfax, to tell us his own story: he dishes on the Denver comics scene, the death of Colfax's dive bars, and how he stacks up against his caricature of himself.

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