Denver County Fair unveils 2012 poster

Are you ready to "open up a can of Yee Haw!" at the Denver County Fair? While you'll still have to wait until August 10 for the second edition to start -- filled the National Western Hall of Education with a carnival, vendors and pavilions, and the return of the Freak Show -- the fair just unveiled its 2012 poster, with another image by local artist Mark Penner Howell, who created the image for the inaugural fair last year.

Dana Cain, owner of Dana Cain events and director of the Denver County Fair, unveiled the 2012 poster on the fair's page and her own Facebook page: "SOMEHOW... Mark Howell managed to top last year's poster. Did not think that was possible!"

A slew of comments followed, praising the poster as "beautiful," "excellent," "killer," "awesome" and "adorable," with one person noting, "I think I'm in love with a goat!"

You can still buy last year's poster, for which Howell created the image of a rooster with a blue ribbon surrounded by floating pies and a Ferris wheel, on the Denver County Fair website. Also for sale there are the Denver County Fair cookbook and Freak Show T-shirt.

The website includes information on vendor and sponsorship opportunities, too. Early bird rates for vendor booths run through January 31. The fair is still looking for big spenders and sponsors to help fund the 2012 event, calling it "a great opportunity to reach out to lovely people in this grand and diverse city."

The 2012 fair will run August 10-12.

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