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Denver Film Festival Announces Its Full Schedule

A scene from Colombian film The Dragon Defense.
A scene from Colombian film The Dragon Defense. The Dragon Defense
Denver cinema enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate. The fortieth annual Denver Film Festival, which will run from November 1 through November 12, just announced its full slate of films, including features, documentaries and shorts, plus a special look at Danish cinema.

Here's the full DIFF lineup:


ACROSS THE WATER – Denmark / Director: Nicolo Donato
AMOK – Poland / Director: Kasia Adamik
AMY & SOPHIA – UK/USA / Director: Adam Lipsius
AND THEN I GO – USA / Director: Vincent Grashaw
BAD LUCKY GOAT – Colombia / Director: Samir Oliveros
THE BALLAD OF LEFTY BROWN – USA / Director: Jared Moshé
BE PREPARED – Poland / Director: Robert Gli?ski
BEAUTY AND THE DOGS – Tunisia/France/Sweden / Directors: Khaled Walid Barsaoui and Kaouther Ben Hania
BERNARD AND HUEY – USA / Director: Dan Mirvish
THE CAKEMAKER – Israel/Germany / Director: Ofir Raul Graizer
CALL ME BY YOUR NAME – Italy/France/Brazil/USA / Director: Luca Guadagnino
CHAPPAQUIDDICK – USA / Director: John Curran
A CIAMBRA – Italy/Brazil/Germany/France/USA/Sweden / Director: Jonas Carpignano
COLD HELL – Germany/Austria / Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky
CORNICHE KENNEDY – France / Director: Dominique Cabrera
DARKEST HOUR – UK / Director: Joe Wright
THE DAY AFTER – South Korea / Director: Hong Sang-soo
DISAPPEARANCE – Iran/Qatar / Director: Ali Asgari
DISCREET – USA/Brazil / Director: Travis Mathews
DJANGO – France / Director: Etienne Comar
THE DRAGON DEFENSE – Colombia / Director: Natalia Santa
DRAGONFLY EYES – China / Director: Xu Bing
EASY – Italy/Ukraine / Director: Andrea Magnani
THE ENDLESS – USA / Directors: Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead
THE EYESLICER ROADSHOW, PRESENTED IN SMELL-O-VISION – USA / Directors: Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan, Harrison Atkins, Jennifer Reeder, Christopher Radcliff, Kelly Sears, Colin Healey and Izzi Galindo, Brian Lonano, Gillian Wallace Horvat, Annie Silverstein, Olivia Wyatt, Amy Seimetz, Ornana
FÉLICITÉ – France/Belgium/Senegal/Germany/Lebanon / Director: Alain Gomis
FORTUNATA – Italy / Director: Sergio Castellitto
GAME OF DEATH – Canada/France / Directors: Laurence Baz Morais and Sebastien Landry
GNAW – USA / Director: Haylar Garcia
GODSPEED – Taiwan / Director: Chung Mong-Hong
GOLDEN EXITS – USA / Director: Alex Ross Perry
HAGAZUSSA - A HEATHEN'S CURSE – Germany/Austria / Director: Lukas Feigelfeld
THE HAPPINESS OF THE WORLD – Poland / Director: Micha? Rosa
HAVE A NICE DAY – China / Director: Liu Jian
HEARTSTONE – Iceland/Denmark / Director: Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson
HOLY AIR – Israel / Director: Shady Srour
HOUSEWIFE – Turkey / Director: Can Evrenol
HUMOR ME – USA / Director: Sam Hoffman
I WAS A DREAMER – Italy / Director: Michele Vannucci
I, TONYA – USA / Director: Craig Gillespie
I'M A KILLER – Poland / Director: Maciej Pieprzyca
IN SYRIA – Belgium/France / Director: Philippe Van Leeuw
IN THE BLOOD – Denmark / Director: Rasmus Heisterberg
IN THE FADE – Germany/France / Director: Fatih Akin
INFINITY BABY – USA / Director: Bob Byington
ISMAEL'S GHOSTS – France / Director: Arnaud Desplechin
JASPER JONES – Australia / Director: Rachel Perkins
JOYEUX NOËL – France/Germany/UK/Belgium/Romania/Norway/Japan/USA/ Director: Christian Carion
LADY BIRD – USA / Director: Greta Gerwig
LAST FLYING FLAG – USA / Director: Richard Linklater
THE LEISURE SEEKER – Italy/France / Director: Paolo Virzì
LET THE CORPSES TAN – France/Belgium / Directors: Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani
LET THE SUN SHINE IN – France / Director: Claire Denis
LOVING PIA – Denmark / Director: Daniel Borgman
LULLABY KILLER – Poland / Director: Krzysztof Lang
THE MISOGYNISTS – USA / Director: Onur Tukel
MOLLY'S GAME – USA / Director: Aaron Sorkin
MOVING PARTS – Trinidad and Tobago/USA / Director: Emilie Upczak
MR. ROOSEVELT – USA / Director: Noël Wells
THE NET – South Korea / Director: Kim Ki-duk
NEVER STEADY, NEVER STILL – Canada / Director: Kathleen Hepburn
NOVEMBER – Estonia / Director: Rainer Sarnet
NOVITIATE – USA / Director: Margaret Betts
ON THE BEACH ALONE AT NIGHT – South Korea / Director: Hong Sang-soo
PARADISE – Russia/Germany / Director: Andrey Konchalovskiy
PARENTS – Denmark / Director: Christian Tafdrup
THE PARTY – UK / Director: Sally Potter
PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW – USA / Director: Sherwin Shilati
QUALITY TIME – Netherlands/Norway / Director: Daan Bakker
QUARTETTE – Czech Republic / Director: Miroslav Krobot
RADIANCE – Japan/France / Director: Naomi Kawase
SCAFFOLDING – Israel / Director: Matan Yair
A SKIN SO SOFT – Canada / Director: Denis Côté
SOLLERS POINT – USA / Director: Matthew Porterfield
SONG OF GRANITE – Ireland/Canada / Director: Pat Collins
STARS – Poland / Director: Jan Kidawa-B?o?ski
STORY OF A GIRL – USA / Director: Kyra Sedgwick
THE STRANGE ONES – USA / Directors: Christopher Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein
SUBMISSION – USA / Director: Richard Levine
SUMMER 1993 – Spain / Director: Carla Simón
THELMA – Norway/France/Denmark/Sweden / Director: Joachim Trier
THIRST STREET – France/USA / Director: Nathan Silver
THOROUGHBREDS – USA / Director: Cory Finley
TRAGEDY GIRLS – USA / Director: Tyler MacIntyre
UNDER THE TREE – Iceland/Denmark / Director: Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson
UNTIL THE BIRDS RETURN – France/Algeria / Director: Karim Moussaoui
WALDEN: LIFE IN THE WOODS – USA / Director: Alex Harvey
A WEDDING – Belgium/Pakistan/Luxembourg/France / Director: Stephan Streker
WESTERN – Germany/Bulgaria/Austria / Director: Valeska Grisebach
WILD ROSES – Poland / Director: Anna Jadowska
WINTER BROTHERS – Denmark/Iceland / Director: Hlynur Pálmason


32 PILLS: MY SISTER'S SUICIDE – USA / Director: Hope Litoff
ACORN AND THE FIRESTORM – India/USA / Directors: Sam Pollard and Reuben Atlas
ACTS & INTERMISSIONS – USA / Director: Abigail Child
ALPHAGO – USA / Director: Greg Kohs
BILL NYE: SCIENCE GUY – USA / Directors: David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg
CALIFORNIA DREAMS – USA / Director: Mike Ott
DID YOU WONDER WHO FIRED THE GUN? – USA / Director: Travis Wilkerson
THE EXPERIMENTAL CITY – USA / Director: Chad Freidrichs
FACES PLACES – France / Director: Agnès Varda and JR
FUTURES PAST – USA / Director: Jordan Melamed
HOME TRUTH – USA / Directors: Katia Maguire and April Hayes
HONDROS – USA/Iraq/Liberia/Libya / Director: Greg Campbell
HUMAN FLOW – Germany / Director: Ai Weiwei
INTENT TO DESTROY – USA / Director: Joe Berlinger
JONBENET'S TRICYCLE – USA / Director: Andrew Novick
KEEPERS OF THE MAGIC – USA / Director: Vic Sarin
THE LAST ANIMALS – USA/UK / Director: Kate Brooks
LEANING INTO THE WIND: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY – UK / Director: Thomas Riedelsheimer
LIYANA – Swaziland/USA/Qatar / Directors: Aaron Kopp and Amanda Kopp
A MEMORY IN KHAKI – Qatar / Director: Alfoz Tanjour
NEW CHEFS ON THE BLOCK – USA / Director: Dustin Harrison-Atlas
THE NEW FIRE – Canada/USA / Director: David Schumacher
NO MAN'S LAND – USA / Director: David Byars
QUEST – USA / Director: Jonathan Olshefski
RAMEN HEADS – Japan / Director: Koki Shigeno
REVOLUTION OF SOUND: TANGERINE DREAM – Germany / Director: Margarete Kreuzer
THE ROAD MOVIE – Belarus/Russia/Serbia/Bosnia and Herzegovina/Croatia / Director: Dmitrii Kalashnikov
SERENADE FOR HAITI – USA / Director: Owsley Brown
STRAD STYLE – USA / Director: Stefan Avalos
TRUE CONVICTION – USA / Director: Jamie Meltzer
VENUS – Denmark / Directors: Mette Carla Albrechtsen and Lea Glob
WE ARE JEWS FROM BRESLAU – Germany/Poland / Directors: Karin Kaper and Dirk Szuszies
WHAT LIES UPSTREAM – USA / Director: Cullen Hoback
WHEN GOD SLEEPS – USA/Germany / Director: Till Schauder


BREAKING THE WAVES – Denmark / Director: Lars von Trier
DIARY IN A MARBLE – Poland / Director: Jan Kidawa-B?o?ski
THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY – France/USA / Director: Julian Schnabel
LITTLE ROSE – Poland / Director: Jan Kidawa-B?o?ski
LOS OLVIDADOS – Mexico / Director: Luis Buñuel
MACARIO – Mexico / Director: Roberto Gavaldón
MARÍA CANDELARIA – Mexico / Director: Emilio Fernández
PARIS, TEXAS – Germany/France/UK/USA / Director: Wim Wenders
THE ROOM – USA / Director: Tommy Wiseau
RUMBLE FISH – USA / Director: Francis Ford Coppola
THE SWEET HEREAFTER – Canada / Director: Atom Egoyan
THREE COLORS: BLUE – France/Poland/Switzerland / Director: Krzysztof Kieslowski
WITHNAIL & I – UK / Director: Bruce Robinson 
Movies will screen at the Sie FilmCenter and other venues around town; for information and tickets, go to the Denver Film Society website.
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