Denver fly-fishing master thief's reign of terror ends

In a slow news week where the East Coast stole all our snow, a crafty cat burglar with a taste for expensive reels marched into several Denver-area fly fishing shops and walked out with over $8,000 in fly rods, reels, and fly-tying vises. (Think Thomas Crown in high waders, vaguely smelling of Brook trout, and you're close.)

After posing as a legitimate customer--one with a pretty decent cast, apparently--he vanished like a ghost. Well, not quite: Video cameras caught clear shots of his face, and the violated stores began circulating the shots with law enforcement and on fly fishing blogs.

The result? DPD gumshoes caught their man red-handed while trying to sell his ill-gotten wares at a Lakewood pawn shop.  Little Denver Barneys can now go to sleep at night without nightmares of waking up to a vanished Sage reel.

But will our angling thief use his ninja-like casting and mending skills to escape from lockup to terrorize the Gold-Medal streams and creeks of Colorado again?

I'm guessing not.

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