Five Arty Things to Do This Week Around Denver

Buy some art by Charles Parson and help set a new project in motion at Mai Wyn Fine Art.
Buy some art by Charles Parson and help set a new project in motion at Mai Wyn Fine Art. Charles Parson, Leaping Man

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click to enlarge GALLERY 1261
Gallery 1261
Gallery 1261
1412 Wazee Street
July 13 through August 5
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 13, 6 to 9 p.m.

Help turn the page when Gallery 1261 also celebrates a move — in this case, from the Golden Triangle to LoDo, where it joins sister gallery Abend in a new shared space. They’ll alternate exhibits, and Exordium symbolically introduces the change with a group show of gallery artists.

Courtesy of Viviane Le Courtois
Plastic Bags Social
Saturday, July 15, 3 to 6 p.m.

We’ve all got a few environmentally unsustainable plastic bags and lids rattling around in our closets, but artist Viviane Le Courtois has a use for them: She’s weaving a canopy out of the refuse for a new installation, “Dirt Soup,” set to debut in September. Community engagement is often an element in the artist’s works, and to that end, she’ll be collecting donations of white plastic bags and lids of any color from the public, over tea, coffee, and analog, IRL conversations. Get rid of some trash without sending it to a landfill, meet some real, live folks, and leave a piece of yourself – or at least your junk – in an artwork for the ages.

Vibrant Femmes
2000 21st Street, Boulder
Saturday, July 15, 7-10 p.m.

Four regional women artists messing with color, creation and natural forms take over Boulder’s madelife space for a show that focuses on the role of artists as makers. Printmaking, drawing, fashion design and sculpture all have a place in this show, which opens with live music by DJ L.A. Zwicky and Dream Harlowe and also doubles as a public wall-mural dedication party.

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