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Reader: The Right to Golf? Is That What Everyone Was Protesting For?

Overland Park Golf Course has reopened.
Overland Park Golf Course has reopened. City of Denver Golf
It's going to be a beautiful day in Denver, a perfect time On April 22, Denver reopened six city golf courses to the public, but all with new social-distancing rules...and a gradual fee increase that had already been in the works before the spread of coronavirus.

Unlike in other Denver parks, where alcohol is banned through July 23, beer will be allowed on the course.

While some readers applauded the city's move, others have concerns. Says Matt:
 Wow, and to waste the time and efforts put in on fucking golf? But city and county buildings are still closed, right? This must be what everyone protested for.
Adds Alec:
 And yet I’m the bad guy if I go camp on some 4x4 road in the middle of nowhere.
Responds Ashley: 
Golf courses get to open early because golf in itself is a game of social distancing. You use your own equipment, and you are in an open area outside. This obviously differs greatly from all the other closed establishments that you people are trying to be mad about. Calm down and maybe go golfin'.
Notes Nancy: 
Many of the courses in the suburbs have already been doing this for several weeks. It's not like the golfers are right up each other's butts out there in the wide-open outdoor space.
But then there's this from Aaron:
Well, I'm done playing Denver courses. They pack players on, yell at you when you're not playing a hole in ten minutes, and now they jack up the price. No thanks.
Comments Nathan: 
Golf is such a waste of space and natural resources.
Concludes Nicholas: 
Just like majority of the human beings on this earth.
In addition to strict social-distancing rules, the city has instituted other new policies. You can't share any equipment, for example, and only one person can be in a cart. And yes, there are some rules regarding beer, too. Find all the details at Denver's city golf course website.

What do you think about the golf courses reopening? The new rules? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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