Reader: It's Never Been More Important to Support Local Businesses

You can't go inside Twist & Shout yet...
You can't go inside Twist & Shout yet... Michael Emery Hecker
Denver's stay-at-home-order is over, and businesses are slowly reopening. Many retail shops were back in business on May 9, but with strict adherence to social-distancing rules.

Some, like Twist & Shout and Tattered Cover, are taking it slow, with plans for curbside service starting May 11. Others, like Rockmount Ranch Wear, have opened their doors. But gyms remain closed, as do bars and restaurants, except for to-go and delivery service. Still, many who've been stuck inside were happy with what they could get.

Says Larry: 
Finally, some sort of normalcy!
Responds Derrick. 
I will wait until the second wave is over. I am very sorry for the businesses that have closed and the people who lost their jobs, because some of them were my favorite places and people.

I wish we, as a nation and society, had the intelligence and foresight to have invested in the types of infrastructure that would have weathered this storm.
Adds Richard: 
What's so hard about staying home? The only thing that will be hurt is the pockets of large corporations!
Counters Jer:
 It's never been a more important time to support local small businesses. 
Paul Epstein, the owner of Twist & Shout, closed his store even before the stay-at-home order went into effect, out of concern for employees as well as customers. And now he's working on keeping things safe, while also getting back to business.

“My feeling is people are hungry for something normal again,” he says. “We can't give them normal yet. You're going to have to wait and work with us on this fear. We're all going have to kind of crawl our way back and figure out what normal is again.”

Did you go out and about in Denver on May 9? Have you visited any shops? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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