Brian misses row 20.
Brian misses row 20.
Nathan Thrift

Readers: We Miss Red Rocks, Sports, Good Drivers, Art and Freedom

Denver's stay-at-home order has ended, but this city is not exactly business as usual. Those stores that can reopen are doing so under strict safety rules, and restaurants, bars and venues are still closed. There's no camping at Colorado parks, and not only are all Red Rocks shows canceled through June, but you can't visit that Denver Mountain Park at all.

You can leave your home, but what will you find outside? And what will you miss about pre-pandemic Denver?

Readers already know what they're missing. Says Brian: 

 Exactly what you show in the picture (but closer to middle of Row 20).

Notes Matthew: 


Offers David: 

Sunsets, blue skies and the art life.

Suggests Tami: 


Offers Vicki: 

Air pollution.

Adds Kerstin: 

Most cars. Hooray.

Comments Tristan:

The ridiculous traffic on I-25.

Says Eliza:

Good drivers. Two people almost hit me within ten minutes of each other, 'cause they forgot the rules of the road. It was bad before, but now it’s horrible.

Responds Eric:

 Y’all are so cute. Traffic — tee hee. Air pollution - hee hee. Wait until half of the small businesses in the Denver metro close down. Then it won’t be so funny.

Mike asks: 

If you stayed home, how would you know if anything disappeared?

Robb replies: 

Please...no one actually stayed home during this shit. Maybe for the first week, but then people couldn’t handle it and went stir crazy and protested not getting their precious hair cut....

Is Robb right? Judging from the empty streets, it certainly seems that most people have been staying home.

What will you do on this first day after the stay-at-home order ended in Denver and most metro counties? What do you wish you could do? Post a comment or email editorial@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.