Denver Style Makes the New York Times. Yawn.

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Sure, Cat is as excited as everyone else that Composition, P Design Gallery, The Fabric Lab, The 400, Fancy Tiger and Skye all got some coverage. Any press is good press. But, she still has to call bullshit on reporter Monica Khemsurov, who works for ID Magazine but airlifted into our fair cow town for the Times.

First off, Monica, the new Daniel Libeskind-designed art museum building is fantastic and all, we’ve loved all the international love (and hate) generated from its presence, but it did not precipitate our emergence as a “style-conscious city with great shopping.” We’ve been that for a while. It’s fine that you just noticed, Cat doesn’t fault you for that, but don’t act like you’ve “discovered” us and that Libeskind is the cause of our new chicness. All his design did was focus attention on what was already happening here.

Next time you’re in town, call first and Cat will get you a map. Neither the new 400 nor P Design Gallery are in downtown, which is far from “fast gentrifying.” Downtown is already very gentrified, trust us. The boutiques you’re talking about are in the River North Arts District, just north of downtown, or even Ballpark, if you prefer. But downtown they are not. And Composition? That moved out of downtown to the suburbs of Lakewood.

Thanks for stopping by, Monica. We appreciated being patronized. It was great, it was fun, but it wasn’t real fun. Sort of like our experience with The Real World.

At least the pictures by Amy Freeth-Rice were attractive, if small.

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Amy Haimerl