Denver Tool Library Kicks Off Crowdfunding Campaign

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Have all your do-it-yourself projects been stymied by a lack of tools? A crowdfunding campaign that starts tomorrow is designed to built a bank account for the Denver Tool Library, a Blockbuster-like facility devoted to home improvement that could soon open on Santa Fe Drive.

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Sarah Steiner is the founder of the tool-lending library and the woman behind the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. "I like to think of the Denver Tool Library concept as a tiny chicken," Steiner says. "I feel like the world asked me to take a tiny chick around to see if people want to hold it. I asked the community if this is something we should really do, and they all want to hold the chick and have a tool library."

Steiner had seen tool libraries in other cities, and decided that if the universe gave her a sign, she would create a hardware hub in Denver. "I kept telling myself that I would only do this if a huge, unavoidable sign came to me," Steiner says. "One night my partner and I were driving home from the grocery store and had to swerve because there, in the middle of the road, was a giant pair of bolt cutters. So I thought, 'Shit, I guess we have to do this now.'"

With that sign from the universe and tool wish-list surveys from members of the community, Steiner began working with Indiegogo to develop a crowdfunding campaign to cover $20,000-worth of start-up costs.

"The ways to contribute through our crowdfunding campaign all have really great perks," Steiner says. "We have shirts that were designed by A Small Print Shop, and tattoo artist Kevin Hennessey designed us a bandanna to offer our donors." You also have the option of buying a membership for $60 while contributing to the startup and overhead costs.

In addition to the crowdfunding campaign, the Denver Tool Library is one of 139 nonprofit organizations that have been chosen to participate in Indiegogo's Giving Tuesday event.

"An Indiegogo team member reached out to me this past weekend and said that after looking into our campaign on the backend they felt our concept would be perfect for their Giving Tuesday efforts on December 2,"Steiner reports, "so we're even more excited to dial into their giving campaign."

After the month-long crowdfunding campaign, Steiner hopes the Denver Tool Library can begin moving into its new home at 555 Santa Fe Drive and be ready to start lending tools by February 2015.

"The Denver Tool Library is so brand-new that this campaign will hopefully cover our overhead, getting our nonprofit status and software for easy checkouts," Steiner says. "We plan on working like maniacs for a month with this campaign and making sure we have everything we need."

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign goes live on Thursday, November 20, and runs through December 20; find it here tomorrow. The Giving Tuesday virtual event will take place all day on December 2. For a complete list of the tools on the Denver Tool Library's wish list or to add your own requests, visit www.denvertoollibrary.org.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.