Denver Zine Library IndieGoGo campaign continues: How can you say no to this?

We've reported on the

Denver Zine Library's fundraising campaign

and what a little extra cash will mean to the volunteer crew that maintains this Denver treasure, located somewhat obscurely at

27 Social Centre

in Jefferson Park. And though the DZL is already more than halfway to its goal of raising $2,500 (the monthlong campaign ends March 1), it keeps laying video bait. And excellent bait it is, as evidenced by the video above, in which DZL director Kelly Shortandqueer introduces the library and its goal.

Now tere are few others in the queue, beginning with a testimonial from DZL co-founder Kristy Fenton, a Westword MasterMind (inaugural class of 2005) for her work with the library, who now lives in Amsterdam.

After that comes Tomas Moniz, who recently appeared at the DZL. And there's more!

Kristy Fenton (Drippy Bone Books and Modern Witch, Amsterdam)
Tomas Moniz (Rad Dad, Berkeley CA)
Billy the Bunny (Albuquerque, NM)
Annah Anti-Palindrome (musician, sound artist, writer, Bay area)

The Denver Zine Library does much more than simply house an arcane stash of DIY publications. Shortandqueer and crew not only keep said stash up-to-date and well-catalogued, but they trust folks enough to let them check out the zines. They also bring in zine-makers from across the country for readings: This Friday, Annah Anti-Palindrome (heard above) will fly in from the Bay Area to share work, along with Seattle's On a Clear Day and Kelly himself.

For more information about that event, the Denver Zine Library and its programs visit the DZL website. To see more videos and/or donate to the DZL's fundraising campaign , go to the IndieGoGo page.

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