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Reader: It Will Cost My Family $94 Just to Walk Inside the Denver Zoo

Reader: It Will Cost My Family $94 Just to Walk Inside the Denver Zoo
Ken Hamblin
Denver City Council this week approved ticket-price hikes for the Denver Zoo, which it says will raise $1 million to cover deferred projects. Maintenance costs in general have increased 100 percent in recent years, according to the zoo, thanks to goods and services becoming more costly in an increasingly expensive city. 

Readers had very different responses to the news.  Raye says:
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo charges $25 for adults. Just get a zoo membership and reap the benefits.
Jackie argues:
That's insane. It will cost my family $94 (not including tax) just to walk in the gate. Ridiculous.
Jan explains:
If we lived closer to the zoo, I'd definitely buy an annual pass. My grandkids love the carousel and would go for that alone.
Heather notes:
Still cheaper and better than the Denver aquarium.
And Vicky concludes:
Yearly passes are more than worth it. It's a wonderful zoo.
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