The Ten Best Comedy Shows in Metro Denver in June

Celebrate six years of wisecracks and body slams at Lucha Libre & Laughs: So Far, So Good
Celebrate six years of wisecracks and body slams at Lucha Libre & Laughs: So Far, So Good Geoff Decker
After an unseasonably damp and dreary May, Denver residents are more than ready to seize upon the splendor of late spring and early summer. Colorado's weather patterns may laugh in the face of your outdoor plans, but you can always guffaw your way through rain, sleet, snow or sunshine, thanks to the Mile High City's robust comedy calendar, which boasts jokes with a side of bloodsport, a Saturday Night Live pedigree and comedy nerd bona fides. Here are the ten best comedy shows along the Front Range in June.

Brian Posehn
Wednesday, June 5, through Saturday, June 8
Aggie Theatre
Comedy Works Downtown
$20 to $29

Few comics satiate the geekiest corners of fandom better than Brian Posehn, the preternaturally shlubby, metal-loving embodiment of a true comedy nerd. Co-star of the seminal tour documentary The Comedians of Comedy — which also helped introduce Maria Bamford, Patton Oswalt and Zach Galifianakis to the cultural zeitgeist — Posehn went on to record a number of gut-busting one-hour specials, including "The Fartist," "Criminally Posehn" and "25x2." He's also made a number of memorable turns as a character actor on shows like Seinfeld, The Sarah Silverman Program and Deadly Class. Posehn is rolling through the Centennial State for a series of performances, kicking off with a Fort Comedy-sponsored show at the Aggie Theatre on Wednesday, June 5, followed by a headlining engagement at Comedy Works Downtown from June 6 through June 8. To buy tickets, $20 to $29, and learn more, visit the Aggie Theatre and Comedy Works box-office pages.

click to enlarge GEOFF DECKER
Geoff Decker
Lucha Libre & Laughs: So Far, So Good
Friday, June 7, 8 p.m.
Oriental Theater
$10 to $100
Over the course of its storied history, Lucha Libre & Laughs has bulked up from an unlikely hybrid of professional wrestling and standup comedy into an institution of the local creative community and winner of multiple Best of Denver Awards. Celebrate six years of brawn and buffoonery with "So Far, So Good," an evening replete with all the qualities that make Lucha Libre & Laughs such a special show. Newly-minted master of ceremonies Kyle Pogue, color commentators Sam Tallent and Nathan Lund, and comedians Anthony Siraguse, Timmi Lasley, David Rodriguez and Roxxy Haze will be on hand to keep the crowd giggling throughout rounds of choreographed fisticuffs. With LLL favorites like Anaya, Allie Gato, Mike Sydal and Royce Isaacs returning to the ring, the event will present a compelling argument for six more years of jokes and jabs. Visit the Oriental Theater box-office page to find tickets, $10 to $100, and more information.

Bobcat Goldthwait and Dana Gould: The Show With Two Heads
Sunday, June 9, 8 p.m.
Gothic Theatre
$30 to $40

Bobcat Goldthwait and Dana Gould have joined forces and hit the road for "The Show With Two Heads," a comedic mind-meld guaranteed to delight a certain stripe of fan. Their friendship was forged during their formative years in the Boston standup scene, yet their careers have flourished independently, both on the mic and behind the scenes. In addition to making the requisite comedy specials, albums and late-night appearances, Gould was a staff writer for The Simpsons and creator of the horror/comedy Stan Against Evil, while Goldthwait has emerged as the celebrated and in-demand director of gleefully deranged cult classics like Shakes the Clown and World's Greatest Dad. Flock together with these nerds of a feather; find tickets, $30 to $40, and more details on the Gothic Theatre's AXS Events page.

Jay Pharoah
Thursday, June 13, through Saturday, June 15
Comedy Works Downtown

Jay Pharoah, the Saturday Night Live veteran famous for a litany of spot-on impressions of people like Barack Obama, Denzel Washington and Jay-Z, proves that his own voice is the strongest weapon in his comedic aresenal with each visit to town. Pharoah's been working steadily since leaving his debut gig, appearing on shows like White Famous as well as movies Unsane and Top Five, but the stage is where he shines brightest. Don't miss out. Buy tickets, $28, on the Comedy Works box-office page.

Chris Garcia
Friday, June 14, through Sunday, June 16, 7:30 and 9:45 p.m.
Denver Improv

Few working comics can alchemize pathos into punchlines better than Chris Garcia, host of the upcoming WYNC podcast Dead Parents Social Hour. After he lost his father to Alzheimer's just as his show business career was starting to blossom, Garcia's comedy took a dark turn toward fearless honesty, becoming an unforgettable and unexpectedly life-affirming experience. Garcia has subsequently appeared on shows such as Adam Devine's House Party, This Is Not Happening and Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents, but nothing beats a live experience, even one haunted by death. Visit the Denver Improv box-office page to buy tickets, $15, and learn more.

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