Reader: I Love the Big Blue Bear Looking in the Convention Center Window
Marvin Anani

Reader: I Love the Big Blue Bear Looking in the Convention Center Window

In a battle between the Big Blue Bear, aka "I See What You Mean," the sculpture created by Lawrence Argent that stands outside the Colorado Convention Center, and Blucifer, aka "Mustang," the sculpture created by Luis Jiménez for Denver International Airport, which piece would come out the winner? According to Michael Paglia, they both rank among the top ten outdoor sculptures in Denver. Readers tend to go for the bear, but some think Paglia missed important pieces...and other readers hate them all. Says Aaron:

I love the Blue Bear looking in the window. A mix of large-scale art and almost child-like innocence.

Adds Sher: 

Blue Bear and the dancers outside Denver Performing Arts Complex!

Comments Joe: 

Why isn't Donald Lipski's "The Yearling" outside the library on this list?

And then there's this from Kyle: 

They're all a waste of money.

What do you think of Denver's outdoor sculptures? Which ones do you love? Which ones do you loathe?

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