DIY Hair

DIY Hair

While I've never been much of a fan of the elaborate updos seen at the Emmys and Oscars, there is definitely something to be said for the stars walking the red carpet with flowing, beautifully arranged, "natural" looking hair. However, whenever I try to achieve this look, my curly, frizziness-prone hair ends up taking at least an hour to tame. Therefore, I find myself stuck with curly and frizzy on most days. Because, really, who has an extra hour in the morning?

So it stands as a small consolation to know that at this year's Emmy Awards, slated to air at 8 p.m. Sunday, September 16, on Fox, Ali Larter, star of the television show Heroes, will be strutting her stuff without the help of professional hair stylists. With a slew of Dove Hair Care products in her arsenal, Larter will do her own hair for the awards. Larter says, "I'm doing all of this to help women realize the potential of their own hair and feel more confident every day."

But as most women lack not only a professional styling team but also the extra hour per day that's required to do their own hair properly, I'm still unsure that this experiment will really give me much solace. Nevertheless, I'll be watching Larter on the red carpet on Sunday, so check back at The Cat's Pajamas early next week for a recap of how she looked (and my own personal take on how realistic it would be for the average women to achieve her look).

And if, unlike me, you don't have too many personal hair demons to battle, you can also check out to create a personalized ad showing why you love your hair. Pssh, that'll be the day! -- Aubrey Shoe

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