Don't miss: Snowboardcross Olympic qualifying at Telluride

Here's an Olympic event you're not going to want to miss. No, it's not biathlon. (It's hard not to appreciate the combination of skiing and shooting a gun, though, isn't it?). Check out Snowboardcross at this year's Vancouver Olympics. This relatively new Olympic event puts four snowboarders on a course filled with rollers, kickers, and bank turns. And there's only one rule you need to know: First one down wins.

But since there's still two months until the opening ceremonies in Vancouver, head to Telluride this weekend to watch the best in the sport try to qualify for the Olympics.

"The Telluride Ski Area and the towns of Mountain Village and Telluride are excited to be hosting the upcoming Snowboard World Cup beginning on December 17, 2009," said Frank Bell, who helped bring the competition to Telluride. "These challenging and crowd pleasing events, which will be the Telluride area's first World Cup competition, will showcase things to come at the Vancouver Olympics in February of 2010.

The qualifying runs are slated for Friday. The individual and team finals are on Saturday and Sunday. Check out the full schedule for a complete listing of events.

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Chris Outcalt
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