"Don't rock out with ur shox out" and three other signs you'll see driving in Denver

Among all of this negativity generated by bad drivers, confusing intersections, construction and the monotony of seeing the same buildings every day, there are some humorous bright spots Denver drivers can look forward to, courtesy of a few local businesses signs. This one was posted on the Circle Drive Conoco at 2300 East 6th Avenue recently, and pardon my French, but I fucking love it. It may be that I have a seventh grade boy's sense of humor, but I laugh every time I merge from the speedway that is 6th to the freeway of York Street. Preceding this sign, there's the ever-changing snarkiness provided by The Wine Seller And Spirits Too at 600 East 6th Avenue. The marquee has changed since I snapped this photo last Friday -- it now reads something about Tim and football -- but I enjoyed this quip much more. Tebow jokes have already been run into the ground. Further south, there's the unassuming Gigantic Cleaners at 1481 South Holly Street that also carries a good sense of humor year-round. And finally, Boone's Tavern at 1135 East Evans Avenue, the latest installment from the B.U.F.F. Brothers' empire, opened just this month, but is already keeping toilet humor alive in the DU neighborhood.

I'm hoping they stick with the dick-joke theme.

Seen a funny sign around Denver? Let us know where in the comments, or send a photo of it to artseditors@westword.com.

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