Doug Stanhope on the evolution of jokes and why Breast Cancer Awareness is a scam

For every parent out there worried about pedophilia, Doug Stanhope offers a reassurance: In all likelihood, nobody wants to fuck your kid. That bit is up there on the list of incredibly offensive Stanhope material, but it's by no means all there is; over the course of his twenty-year career, Stanhope has developed himself into something of a Bill Hicks torch-bearer, a socially conscious, obscenely ranting curmudgeon obsessed with deviant pornography and humanity's shocking dark side, but not without some excellent points to make along the way -- and a lot of laughs. He's one of the most compelling comedians working today, and in advance of his stop through Denver tonight Friday, November 4, we caught up with him to talk about Oslo, developing a bit and "Cunt Cancer Awareness."
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Jef Otte
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