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Reader: Docs Last, and Are a Good F-U to the Fashion Industry

Reader: Docs Last, and Are a Good F-U to the Fashion Industry

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Anthony Camera
"Denver's Long-Running Punk Boutique FashionNation Keeps Drawing Rock Stars"

"Surge of Kids Buying Dr. Martens Suggests Punk's Not Dead"

So many kids were coming to FashioNation to buy Docs that Italiano decided to start taking photos of the young customers and post them on Facebook.

“So many of these kids are making their first adult purchase,” Italiano says. “They save their money, and this is what they want to buy. You can’t understate that. This is a rite of passage. I went from a kid to 'Now I got my Docs.'"

What do you think of FashioNation? Of Docs? Of Denver's fashion scene in general? Post a comment or email [email protected]
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