Eco-Beauty Company R. L. Linden Now Has a Retail Base in North Denver

It's been a busy year for R.L. Linden. Before the local eco-beauty company celebrated its first anniversary in August, co-founders Robin King and Lynn Till were so busy with their two-woman operation that they needed room to grow. Originally the two used their own kitchens as the R.L. laboratories and production houses, and they had just finished building out King's basement to aid in the expansion of the growing business when a small flood forced the pair to find a new space much more quickly than anticipated.

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The damage to King's home was minimal, but the partners didn't want to risk mold or other contamination of their homemade products. After putting the word out on social networks and actively looking for a new space, they saw a listing for 4036 Tejon Street on Craigslist; Till says they signed a lease the next day and began moving in immediately.

Though that R.L. Linden location is mostly a lab and production area for the company's all-natural, chemical-free products, it's open for retail sales "by appointment or by chance," Till says. "Right now, if door or window is open or people see us in there, they are welcome to knock on the door," she adds with a laugh. They are hoping to eventually expand with more permanent business hours.

R.L. Linden has continued to receive well-deserved buzz from the beauty industry. The company's Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist made its second appearance on the red carpet this year, used by green makeup artist Katey Denno on actress Natasha Lyonne for this year's Emmys. Seasonal products have been selling out and customers are returning to the brand's site in droves to see what's new.

The pair have also continued to see immense success with Witch & Bitch, R.L. Linden's project with another local eco-conscious proprietor, Shae Whitney of DRAM Apothecary. In what Till describes as "badass Girl Scouts for grown women," Witch & Bitch has offered foraging, tea blending and many other skills of the plant-based medicine and folk- knowledge variety.

The seasonal editions have sold out almost immediately, and the business women are now working on offering more individualized classes throughout the year in Denver, along with the in-depth seasonal programs in the mountains near DRAM's Silver Plume base. R.L. Linden's partners have also been traveling out-of-state to teach their herbal knowledge.

They see no signs of things slowing down any time soon. "It's a very good problem to have, and we are so grateful that the stuff we're so passionate about people are interested in," says Till.

For more information on the company and its products, visit the eco-conscious beauty line's website.

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