Eden Lane, seen here awaiting red-carpet arrivals for the Denver Film Festival, needs your support to continue a new season of In Focus.
Eden Lane, seen here awaiting red-carpet arrivals for the Denver Film Festival, needs your support to continue a new season of In Focus.
John Moore/ In Focus

Eden Lane's In Focus Show Needs Help to Stay Focused on Colorado Arts

For seven seasons and more than 248 episodes, In Focus — Eden Lane’s weekly show on Colorado Public Television — has been covering this state’s flourishing arts community with in-depth interviews and spotlights of new exhibits and events. But now the show is looking for a little financial help to stay in front of the camera.

Recently named Westword’s Best Non-Network Television Personality, Lane has been the heart and soul of the show – hosting, filming (with assistance from a skeleton crew of videographers), editing and putting it all together herself independently...yet she's still dependent on the help of in-kind donors and sponsors. Lane’s star couldn’t be brighter at the moment, since Caitlyn Jenner’s step into the spotlight focused nationwide attention on the transgender journalist, whose expertise and opinion were sought by CNN and Entertainment Tonight, among many others.

But just a few weeks ago, the show lost a critical funder, and the future of Season 8 depends on the outcome of a new fundraising campaign that runs until the end of July. Eschewing popular methods, In Focus is keeping donations to its website to guarantee that every tax-deductible dollar raised goes directly to the campaign. "For seven seasons, I have strived to serve our viewers by filling a special need, and we are still the only platform covering #COArts in this way," says Lane. "This platform allows us to cover theater, dance, music, film, writers, visual artists and more at every level, across all 64 counties. Celebrities are treated like hometown artists, and Colorado artists are treated like celebrities. Covering the arts and artists in Colorado is a privilege and a responsibility. After all this time, we have still only scratched the surface. "

The baseline goal of the campaign is $15,000, as each of the fifteen episodes in Season 8 will cost about $1,000 to produce. The first week raised enough to cover a week, but the fundraiser must end by July 31 in order for In Focus to secure its place on Colorado Public Television’s fall schedule. To learn more about In Focus, visit the website at infocustv.org — or donate directly here. You can find updates on the In Focus Facebook Page.

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