Eight Is Enough To Fill Introductions II at the Still Newish Michael Warren Contemporary

Part of a crop of new galleries that have been sprouting up like mushrooms around town in the past few months, Michael Warren Contemporary occupies the storied Santa Fe Drive space that formerly housed the van Straaten Gallery, and before that, the Sandy Carson Gallery.

The current exhibit, Introductions II, is, as the suffix suggests, a follow-up to Introductions, which was was presented earlier this summer.

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That show was an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of thing, with a zillion artists included, whereas this one is more focused, zeroing in on just eight artists from the gallery's stable who are each seen in some depth.

There is no particular theme, with some artists working with representational imagery while others work abstractly, and it includes paintings, sculptures, installations and photographs. In the show are several established artists, plus a couple of emerging ones, most of whom are from Colorado or have some connection to the state, including Yoshitomo Saito, Robert Brinker, Heidi Jung, Patsy Krebs, Collin Parson, Thomas Müller, Paul Sisson and Meghan Wilbar.

Through September 6 at Michael Warren Contemporary, 760 Santa Fe Drive, 303-667-2447, michaelwarrencontemporary.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.