Ellison Park

Driving eastbound on I-70, Ellison Park has one hand on the wheel while the other navigates an iPod mounted to his dash. Scrolling through the songs, Park makes his way to the batch of demos he recorded on his MacBook and pushes play. As his voice pours from the speakers over a gritty blues progression, the influence of Jeff Buckley is immediately apparent. Although comparing any singer to someone as iconic as Buckley veers dangerously close to hyperbole — especially a virtually unknown artist who's barely old enough to drink — the correlation doesn't seem outrageous once you hear Park sing. His expansive range — one moment you swear he's a pure high tenor, and the next he's a barrel-chested baritone — is impressive, and his songwriting isn't far behind.

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Sat., Sept. 26, 9 p.m., 2009

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