Erica Sodos gets metaphysical at the Mercury Cafe

Abracadabra: She's out of the box with a wand of her own. Erica Sodos is a magician, psychic entertainer and motivational speaker currently in residence at the Mercury Cafe. In advance of her May 31 show there, The Magic Within: Psychic Explorations in Telepathy and Empathy, we chatted with Sodos to learn what motivates her magic.

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A New York native, Sodos studied in San Francisco, where she cultivated her talents as an actress and clown. After creating many characters and doing physical comedy, she decided to settle on magic as a medium to "inspire people to see the magic inside themselves and also in their own lives," Sodos explains.

She also wanted to fill a void in magic, showing that it's not just boys-only. "When I was starting out, there were no female mentalists performing -- instead, they were usually getting sawed in half by the male magicians. I wanted to change that," says Sodos. "Mentalism is completely interactive with the audience. One of the highlights of the show is when people write me me questions and I look into my crystal ball and scry. I answer their questions and it's quite powerful and entertaining."

But above all, Sodos wants to inspire her audience. "I always have high aspirations," she says. "I want to heal the world with my art. I want my shows to be like ancient Greek theater, which was very therapeutic. I believe artists can change the world."

Erica Sodos performs The Magic Within: Psychic Explorations in Telepathy and Empathy the last Saturday of every month at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street. There's a different opening act every month; on May 31, it will be a woman performing spoken words. Tickets are $10; for more information, call 303-294-9258.

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