Ernie's Draw Your Face Off will doodle your dome for a sweet $35

Hey, do you know Ernie? No? Well, you should, since the guy wants to draw your face off. Seriously: Ernie, apparently a local guy, has a brand new operation titled -- you guessed it -- "Draw Your Face Off." The premise? Give Ernie a picture of your face, as well as 35 bucks, and he'll draw you a sweet-ass picture of it, complete with a frame and a coat of varnish so your face becomes a goddamn work of art. C'est Magnifique!

And these aren't run-of-the-mill face drawings, mind you. Ernie gets all creative with your face, maybe making you into an octopus, maybe into a robot - who knows, maybe into an octo-robot. That would be sweet. All you've got to do is upload your mug into his website, pay up and about two weeks later your face will have been drawn off like you wouldn't believe.

Let's face it: It may be the best artistic deal in town.

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