Escape From Puppy Death Factory is our browser game of the week

There have been countless games starring cats in the history of Flash games and plenty others shining the spotlight on birds and frogs, but rarely do we get a good old-fashioned dog game. Enter Arthur Lee's Escape From Puppy Death Factory, a Metroid-esque puzzle platformer that puts the puppies in the forefront.

On its surface, the game is a tribute to Metroid. You control a cute little puppy in a red and yellow suit, you land in a ship that looks rather familiar and you run around a massive map of interconnected screens. But for the most part, the similarities stop there.

Instead of collecting, uh, whatever it is you're supposed to be collecting in Metroid, you're rescuing your puppy kin. Exploring the area as quickly as you can, you need to rescue all your brethren and get off the planet. To do so, you'll have a gun that shoots rainbows out of it.

That sounds a little cheesy; let's try again -- you have a gun that shoots rainbows out of it and works as a transportation device. Shoot a barrel and you switch places with the barrel. That's the core mechanic of the game, and although it sounds simple enough, things get complicated pretty quickly. It turns itself into more of a puzzle-exploration game by the end of it, forcing you to get from screen to screen by bending your brain more than your thumbs. You'll need to block and move lasers, barrels and other videogamey things in order to complete your objective and hopefully rescue all the puppies you can.

You can kind of pick and choose how many puppies you want to rescue before returning to your ship, and you'll get a different ending depending on how many you snatch up. If you're interested in being an ass, you can go back with just one. There's also a rather fantastic boss battle at the end we won't spoil for you, but rest assured, it's worth getting through for its bizarreness.

You can play it over on Adult Swim Games right now.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.