Evan Nix's top picks for the Laugh Track Comedy Festival

The Laugh Track Comedy Festival will descend on Denver tonight, bringing three days of comedy performers and films that are sure to make your sides split. To help you navigate the thirty short films and over forty comedians, festival co-director Evan Nix sent us his top ten picks of events not to miss.

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Nighttime Parties (Thursday-Saturday)

Evan Nix: "On Thursday night we're treating our filmmakers and comedians to late night bowling at Elitch Lanes. Friday night everyone is invited out to our after party at Forest Room 5. On Saturday we're hanging out late at The Oriental with a set by DJ Questionblock before we announce our award winners at midnight. All of these parties will be a great place to come out and talk to the filmmakers and performers and enjoy the festivities."

Ashley Barnhill at The Bug Theatre (Thursday, 9 p.m.)

"Ashley Barnhill is an up and coming comic from Austin, TX. Voted one of Huffington Post's 18 Funny Women You Should Be Following On Twitter."

Denver Comedy Block sponsored by Denver Open Media at the Oriental Theater (Friday, 7 p.m.)

"Denver Open Media is doing their first ever out-of-studio live broadcast of this all-Colorado comedian block. All of the comedians are up for "Best Local Comic" in addition to "Best of Fest" awards. The Best Local award winners receive a free Denver Open Media membership as well!"

"Foodie" by Aaron Rudelson at the Oriental Theater (Friday, 9 p.m.)

"This is a hilarious short film that might make you gag a little, if you're not too busy laughing."

"The Date" by Ben Simkins at the Oriental Theater (Friday, 9 p.m.)

"This short dark comedy is not only well directed and edited by an awesome local filmmaker, it stars two up and coming Denver-bred comics, Ben Roy and Rob Gleeson. Web comedies like this rarely get a chance to show on the big screen, and it's a whole different way to experience a story."

The Denver Diatribe Live at The Bug Theatre (Saturday, 1 p.m.)
"Denver's best local culture podcast The Denver Diatribe will be hosting a debat-format live episode of their show. Filmmakers Wally Wallace, Sid Pink and Aaron Rudelson will debate YouTube v. Film Fests. Comedians Adam Cayton-Holland, Mo Welch, Kevin O'Brien and Charlie Nadler will debate Twitter V. Podcasts. This event is free."

Humor Code Discussion Panel at The Bug Theatre (Saturday, 3 p.m.)

"UC Professor Dr. Peter McGraw and journalist (and former Westword staffer) Joel Warner have launched the Humor Code, an around-the-world exploration of what exactly makes things funny. Dr. McGraw will be sharing some of their provocative insights at this special Laugh Track Event To make sure everything is fair and balanced, however, some of Laugh Track's top comedic talents will be on hand to determine whether they really have cracked the humor code -- or if their findings bomb like a bad joke.The panel features comedians Nathan Lund, Mara Wiles, George P. Gordon III and is hosted by Ben Roy."

"Unfurnished" at the Oriental Theater (Saturday, 8 p.m.)
"This local film won the 2011 Denver 48 Hour Film Festival and it's no surprise why. Well directed and funny, it stands on its own, better than many films that are made in exponentially more time with barrels full of money to burn."

Ed Galvez at the Oriental Theater (Saturday, 10 p.m.)

"Ed is an energetic, hilarious comedian from LA. Not to miss."

Comedy Block/Midnight Awards at the Oriental Theater (Saturday, 10 p.m.)

"The Saturday 10 p.m. comedy block not only has some really talented and hilarious comedians including but not limited to Adam Cayton-Holland, Ed Galvez, Chris Charpentier, Ben Roy and Mo Welch, but it all culminates with our awards party at midnight. Hang out after the show, we will have a DJ and drinks, then announce our Best Local and Best of Fest awards for film and stand-up."

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