OMFG, that is so Takei!
OMFG, that is so Takei!

Even though "Don't Say Gay" bill passes, George Takei still kicks Tennesee's ass at life

So, in utterly stupid American news, Tennessee passed a bill late last week effectively banning teachers from speaking about homosexuality in elementary and middle school classrooms. Because, yes, homophobes, not talking about something is definitely the only reasonable avenue for making it go away. But for parties on both sides of this ridiculous equation, our friend and current favorite activist George Takei has a solution that should make everyone happy: He has donated his name.

Instead of teaching our children about equality and the varying degrees of sexual orientation by using the word "gay," he suggests we just slip "Takei" in its place and make everyone happy. You know, the "Takei Pride Parade" does have a nice ring to it.

And while all of this seems too hilarious to be true, we practically spit our maté all over our computer this morning when we read Republican Senator and bill-backer Stacy Campfield's reasoning for the "Don't say gay" effort, which was that "homosexuals don't naturally reproduce."

Nice one, breeder.

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