Explore your wild side at KinkForAllDenver tomorrow at Auraria Campus

If you are kinky, want to be, or are just curious about sexuality and different lifestyles -- check out KinkForAllDenver, a full-day conference taking place tomorrow at the Community College of Denver's Auraria Campus. The conference will be a hands-on (crack a joke here, pervs) teach-in with presentations by sexual freedom and education advocates, including local kinksters, and it's free and open to all ages.

Westword spoke with Rebecca Crane of KinkForAll Denver about goals for the event, how she feels about anti-kink detractors, and how Denver stacks up with other cities in terms of kink-friendliness.

Westword: What was/is your biggest reason for organizing KFADEN?

Crane: Sexuality and intimate relationships are a major part of so many peoples' lives, but most of us grow up not knowing how to talk to each other about them. Everyone should have the right to seek the kinds of intimacy that feel healthy and fulfilling for them. That's hard to do when we get so little information about what's possible. Especially when the information we do get most often comes through mass media and other sources that are trying to sell us stuff!

Westword: How do you respond to conservatives who feel that the kink lifestyle is morally wrong and on par with insanity?

Crane: I'd love for them to come talk about it at KinkForAll Denver! A presentation on the intersections between two-party politics, ethics, kink and mental health sounds right up KFADEN's alley. Westword: What's your biggest goal for the event?

Crane: I want everyone who participates in KinkForAll Denver to leave feeling like they shared something important, learned something important, had a conversation that challenged them, or made a valuable connection with a new person or community. I want to support participants in trying things that make them nervous --and to share their experiences, knowledge and resources with each other in new ways -- such as public speaking, facilitating discussions, or broadcasting on the internet. I want the event to begin discussions and empower participants to continue them elsewhere, with their friends and families, at their offices, in their churches, and hopefully at the next KinkForAll conference.

Westword: Do you feel that Denver is kink-friendly city?

Crane: I think people are fundamentally kink-friendly. That includes people in Denver! Words like "sex" and "kink" are often narrowly defined, but these terms actually describe a wide range of experiences. What "counts" as sex? What "counts" as kink? To some people, "kink" means "sex with a twist." To others, it means a specific subset of sexuality subcultures, such as leather or swinging. People sometimes use these words without being on the same page about what they mean. That can cause confusion, misunderstanding, even discrimination. It's also a great starting point for conversations, learning new things, and finding commonalities. One thing I hope participants will take away from KinkForAll Denver is that "kink" means many things to many people.

KinkforAllDenver takes place in the Tivoli Student Union, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., tomorrow, February 25.

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