Extraterrestrial lands in Denver tomorrow, thanks to Tugg

Extraterrestrial lands in Denver tomorrow, thanks to Tugg

Want to host a screening? Find a film in Tugg.com's library, create an event, spread the word and Tugg handles the rest.

Want to see how it works? Tomorrow night at 9:30 p.m. Nacho Vigalondo's comedic alien invasion movie, Extraterrestrial, is showing at Denver Film Center.

Brad McHargue, who runs the local entertainment site MileHighCinema.com, is well-known to Fons PR, which represents Tugg, because of his annual involvement in Fantastic Fest in Austin, and seemed a natural to create a test Tugg event.

McHargue chose Extraterrestrial because of its glowing reviews at Fantastic Fest 2011. "It had a slight theatrical release in mid-June and Denver just wasn't getting it," he says. "The director is a great guy -- I've met him before -- and it seemed like a great genre film for the first Denver screening."

Tugg makes it easy to set up your own screening and spread the joys of independent and genre films. "It's very low-key -- a couple of quick e-mails, and boom," says McHargue. "It's a fun way to display a movie you love for movie fans and your friends. At least for me, I love bringing films to people who are generally casual film-goers who might not see them. Extraterrestrial is a great example of that because it's a sci-fi romantic comedy."

Tomorrow's showing includes a special Skype Q&A with the director and viewing of one of his short films. Tickets are $9; find more information here.

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