Fabric Fiesta

It's been five years since Tran and Josh Wills took a look around and discovered that there was no outlet for sartorially creative souls — despite the overwhelming amount of talent and style in Denver. Enter the Fabric Lab, the Wills's brainchild of a boutique that puts only local designers on the racks, local artists on the walls and local music-makers on the stereo. Fast-forward half a decade, and the Fabric Lab is going as strong as ever, incubating the city's creativity with its array of workshops, art openings and sidewalk fashion shows.

Tonight the Lab takes over the city like masked marauders, throwing guerrilla fashion shows across town as the hours tick off. It's called Glorification, and it starts at 7 p.m. at Indy Ink, 84 South Broadway, then treks west at 8 p.m. to Capsule Art & Event Center, 560 Santa Fe Drive. At 9 p.m., the fashion foray heads to Fabric Lab's headquarters, 3105 East Colfax Avenue, where organizers will host a dual show to welcome new neighbor Plastic Chapel — which just moved from its location on Ellsworth — and to party like any five-year-old would, with endless PBR and the city's best creative minds. Visit www.thefabriclab.com or call 303-321-3604 for information.

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Taylor Sullivan
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