Faces of the National Western Stock Show Parade, 1/6/11

Faces in the crowd at the National Western Stock Show Parade on January 6, 2010 on 17th Street in Denver. More information about the show is available at

Katie Irwin "Horses are my favorite animal, pink is my favorite color, and the parade is definitely a good opening to the stock show," says Irwin. Carolyn Marada "I just love it," says Marada. Rudy Johnson "I come every year to see the steers," says Johnson. Bill Flanigan He attends the parade to embrace the "uniqueness of Denver". Remmington Lahaye (right) "I'm riding in the rodeo," says Lahaye. Chris Meade (left), Charlotte Hamilton (right) "This was the best 'living in Denver, being from the East Coast' moment. I have never seen this many cattle or tractors all in the same place," says Meade. David Tisdale (left), Katheryn Gray (right) "I grew up on a farm and this is a taste of home," says Gray. Sarah Johnson (left), Brooke Jacobson (middle), Marilyn Decalo (right) "Closest stock show experience since Texas," says Johnson. Jim Rogers (left), "Thorne" (right) "If you didn't come, you missed a good show," says Thorne.
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Hannah Thomas
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