Fallene Wells gets picked up for Project Runway: Denver is ON FIRE

That bitch Gretchen may have officially taken home the prize for last season of Project Runway, but everyone knows our boy Mondo Guerra got robbed: He had the most style (none of the other designers could touch him in terms of sheer inventiveness) and the best drama (coming out as HIV+ after more than ten years of hiding it from even his parents? Come on); hell, he even had as many wins as Gretchen, for God's sake. But while Mondo went home with nothing but thousands of dollars and a bad-ass career, the show's producers were evidently impressed enough with him as a representative of Denver's fashion community that they went back to the well -- or should we say the Wells? We apologize for that joke, but at least allow us that it's relevant, because Project Runway has gone ahead and recruited Denver designer Fallene Wells for its upcoming season.

A longtime fixture in the hometown fashion scene -- not to mention a 2010 Westword MasterMind -- Wells self-taught her way into the design world after becoming interested in it at the age of fifteen and then going into cosmetology instead. Somehow, though, as life would have it, fashion became her fate; figuring that in order to get into a fashion show she'd have to throw her own, in 2008 she threw the first-ever Forever Darling, an annual charitable show that has become one of this burg's most notable.

That's coming up September 30, by the way, and this year's edition will no doubt be occasion for extra fanfare since, with a little luck, Wells will be midway through Project Runway's Season 9, which debuts on July 28. Here's hoping she does even better than Mondo, although, let's face it, a person could do a lot worse.

Speaking of Mondo, here's an interesting tidbit: Though he'd seem a shoo-in for Wells's favorite past Runway designer, her pick is in fact debut-season winner Jay McCaroll. Who's pretty awesome, we guess, but he's no Mondo.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.