Fancy Tiger celebrates its eighth birthday with a bash on Saturday

The owners of Fancy Tiger, the clothing store, and Fancy Tiger Crafts will celebrate their eight-year run of keeping Denver stocked with stylish wears on Saturday, June 28. Although both stores are throwing parties, each will have a different atmosphere and festivities.

"The anniversary is a celebration of the customers and the staff," says Fancy Tiger Clothing co-owner Matthew Brown. "My staff and designers help me to express and realize my vision. It is also a celebration of the Denver community. My vision alone is not enough. I need creative people to help bring it together."

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Brown, along with his DJ pals Shannon Von Kelly and Tyler Snow, will be spinning music in the clothing store, providing a live soundtrack. The craft store's party, meanwhile, will be more centered on crafts, but both stores will be have contests and giveaways where customers can win merchandise credit to Fancy Tiger.

Everything in the clothing store will be on sale. In addition, anyone who spends $20 or more will receive a fre,e limited-edition black tote bag with metallic silver text that reads Fancy fucking Tiger [abbreviated FNCY FKNG TIGR]. PBR and Breckenridge Brewery will provide libations, while the Bumblebee sweet truck will provide pastries. Metropolis Coffee will be on hand when the stores open tomorrow morning.

The party at the clothing store will run from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m, while the shindig at the craft store next door runs from 10 a.m to 7 p.m.

"We don't want to confuse people with too much going on. We still want our customer to be able to buy a T-shirt and go if they have to. It is festive but we don't want to overwhelm the customer," says Brown.

Check the Fancy Tiger website for more information and the Facebook event page here.

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