Fancy Tiger Fall Fashion: A preview to the Preview

If you're anything like me, there comes a point during the summer where you pretty much stop giving a shit what you look like. It's too hot to wear anything but those jean shorts you cut off around May that are now so thin that people can see your actual penis when you sit down because you're soaked in sweat, and pretty much every T-shirt you own is just something you throw on in situations where you absolutely must be wearing a shirt, but whatever, it's hot.

So thank God fall is here and we can start looking presentable again -- and for that, there's hardly a better antidote than Fancy Tiger, one of our favorite boutiques in town. And there's no better place to start with them than tonight's Fall Fashion Preview.

Girls, of course, always get to have more fun when it comes to fashion (for men, you can pretty much rule the entire categories of skirts and dresses right out, unless you're into looking like a dingleberry in a "utility kilt"), and some of Fancy Tiger's best scores this season are on the women's side:

Like this plaid number from Tulle, which pretty much puts the "sexy" back in Little House on the Prairie. But if you're looking for something that says something less "come hither to my dirt house" and more "come hither to my penthouse," Tulle's got you there, too: And might I just add that the last time anyone went wrong with zebra print was never. For the colder weather, some very cool coats: But the men's collection, while maybe not quite as fancy, has some great stuff too... Like, for example, this urchin-chic sweater from Comune: Or this "Top-Gun-in-winter" number from Cloth Logic (Tulle's men's branch): And because, no matter what the season, you can't pry a man out of T-shirts, this one from Publish, a new line to Fancy Tiger: And lest we forget, a timeless take on the accordion from Adam Sikorski, hands-down our favorite maker of T-shirts in this great state: The Fall Fashion Preview happens tonight from 7 to 10 p.m. at Fancy Tiger.

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