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Fantasia 2012 at Rhinoceropolis

The idea is "to turn the inside of Rhinoceropolis into a temporary fantasy village," says Colin Ward of the art installation Fantasia 2012, which he's organized along with Stephan Herrera. "We want to pack paradise into one night; like a magic spell and welcoming of the springtime."

That night will be Saturday, March 24.

A haven for artists of all mediums looking to do expansive, challenging work that you probably wouldn't find in a gallery on Santa Fe on First Friday, Rhinoceropolis will be taken over this Saturday by a twenty artists, who'll be working in groups to transform different rooms into surreal environments of audio and visual assaults on the senses. "I can tell you there will be a room with aquarium gravel flooring and a wind-chime canopy," says Ward, who doesn't want to give away too much away about this multimedia event.

Fantasia 2012 sprang from a similar project Ward produced last year at Rhinoceropolis, where he and Herrera hosted a night of video artists whose work was displayed as accompaniment to a variety of bands. This year's event has evolved to incorporate sculptures, dance performances, games, costumes and what Ward describes as "an infinite zone in a giant diorama." Music performances will include Brittany Gould's Married In Berdichev, Zach Khan and Ward's solo effort, Alphabets. Ward will also contribute to the visual art, along with Herrera, Nicholas o Brien, Ox Danielson and Joey Coniss. Non-musical performances include Drew Englander, Alicia Ordal, Chris Westin, Kevin John Wesley, Luke Schupte and Travis Edgy, the local favorite behind Pictureplane, who will be moving to New York this summer after borrowing Alphabets for a tour.

You can click here to read a full interview with Colin Ward on his experimental music project, Alphabets.

The event begins at 8 p.m. with a suggested donation of $5 -- though no one will be turned away. Rhinoceropolis is located at 3553 Brighton Boulevard.

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